Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Aid Climbing: 7. Jumaring Over Edges and Roofs

Aid Climbing & Big Walls • 1m 3s

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  • Aid Climbing: 8. Jumaring Texas Style

    In this video we look at another jumaring technique known as the Texas style (aka frog or double leg style). Texas style jumaring is a useful technique for ascending a free hanging line because it allows the climber to get all their power into the lower jumar, in order to slide the upper jumar.

  • Aid Climbing: 9. Backups for Jumaring...

    In this video we review options for backing yourself up when jumaring and cleaning an aid climb. Backing yourself up when jumaring is a basic necessity for aid climbing survival. Different climbers have different styles—it is simply a matter of preference and application.

    The idea with these v...

  • Aid Climbing: 10. Cleaning Pitches

    In this video we look at the technique used to clean pitches. We start with a straightforward, vertical pitch.

    Attach your jumars to the rope. Weight them by sitting onto your daisy chains. This eliminates most of the stretch in the rope.

    Now start jugging the line to clean the pitch.