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  • Gym Top Rope Climbing

    7 videos

    Welcome to (CTT)

    In this CTT series, we learn the straightforward steps for Gym Top Rope Climbing.

    Gym Top Rope Climbing is an approachable category, seeing how climbing gyms offer the required gear, the climbing ropes and anchors are already in place, and supplemental...

  • Climbing Movement

    24 videos

    Raise your hand if you want to become a better climber! Now put your hand down, you look silly.

    One of the biggest differences between beginner climbers and advanced crushers is understanding the fundamentals (and intricacies) of Climbing Movement.

    This CTT video series depicts Climbing Mo...

  • Bouldering
    8 videos


    8 videos

    Welcome to's Bouldering section. Here we have a combination of CTT videos for Indoor Bouldering and Outdoor Bouldering. Let's crush!

    Bouldering is one the purest forms of climbing. It is also a great starting point. No ropes. No waiting for a belay. Just climbing shoes, c...

  • Gym Lead Climbing

    13 videos

    Ready to graduate from top-roping and bouldering, to climbing on the "sharp end" of the rope?

    Welcome to our Gym Lead Climbing video series. This series shows how to climb above your last piece of protection. You will learn techniques for proper lead climbing, lead belaying, and minimizing ris...

  • Fitness for Climbing

    11 videos

    Welcome to's Fitness for Climbing.

    Our Fitness for Climbing series augments and balances out the physical nature of indoor and outdoor climbing. These videos are intended to increase climbing strength, improve targeted areas, and prevent overtraining injuries.

    Similar t...

  • Yoga & Stretching for Climbing

    15 videos

    Welcome to CTT's Yoga & Stretching for Climbing series.

    Yoga & Stretching for Climbing is ideal for opening sections of the body, becoming limber, and preventing injury.

    Here we provide postures to help with climbing-specific movements. We also showcase general conditioning routines, plus c...

  • Basic & Intermediate Outdoor Climbing

    14 videos

    Want to climb outside? Of course you do!

    This video series focuses on gear considerations for a day of outdoor climbing, basic anchors for top roping, different types of outdoor belaying, and how to rappel.

    This series also revisits key considerations such as tying into the rope. Hopefully...

  • Sport Climbing
    10 videos

    Sport Climbing

    10 videos

    Who wants to clip bolts and get pumped in the great outdoors? Count us in!

    Sport Climbing is one of the easiest ways to lead climb and get strong while climbing outside. Sport Climbing helps the leader build endurance, mental fortitude, technical skills, route finding, and balanced grace. Ano...

  • Traditional Climbing

    22 videos

    Looking for climbing that is more...technical in nature?

    Welcome to CTT's Traditional Climbing video series. This series showcases trad skills such as how to crack climb, how to use camming devices for protection, and how to build traditional anchors. Trad is rad!

    By now, you should have d...

  • Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing

    17 videos

    Get ready for even bigger days in the mountains, experiencing longer routes and wild adventures.

    Hopefully you've already dedicated considerable time and comprehension with our Traditional Climbing video series. That other series is (literally) the ground-level introduction for Traditional cli...

  • Aid Climbing
    24 videos

    Aid Climbing

    24 videos

    You have worked your way through all our Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, and Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing videos. Plus our requisite Anchor Building, Belaying, and Rappelling videos.

    Now you wish to be a more well-rounded climber, venturing up big walls such as in Yosemite...

    Welcome to...

  • Alpine Climbing & Mountaineering

    29 videos

    Steeped in history, Alpine Climbing & Mountaineering conjures up ideas of big peaks and grand well as the realities of long slogs and frigid temperatures. Are we having fun yet?

    Several generations of climbers began with Alpinism and Mountaineering. Extended hikes in the mounta...

  • Ice Climbing
    17 videos

    Ice Climbing

    17 videos

    Do you like to get cold? Or a little scared?

    Welcome to CTT's Ice Climbing series. Get white-knuckled as you learn critical skills for venturing into a frozen world of memorable days with good friends.

    You have probably worked your way through our Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, and ...

  • Self Rescue
    2 videos

    Self Rescue

    2 videos

    This category offers important skills, such as multiple ways to escape the belay (for emergencies).

    While this category is listed as advanced, please note that several other CTT video series are also considered advanced. Examples include Traditional Climbing, Ice Climbing, and Aid Climbing.


  • Bonus Material
    3 videos

    Bonus Material

    3 videos

    We are launching several Bonus videos by end of month!