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Ready to take your rock climbing to the next level? (CTT) focuses on rock climbing education, competency, and community.

CTT provides step-by-step instructional content for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced climbers. We have created more than 200 skill-building videos, with supporting information written into the video descriptions. Each CTT video (and written synopsis) focuses on a particular skill. Need-to-know information is presented in a concise way, while also tying into the larger skill sets. Additional videos are added regularly.

CTT videos cover the spectrum of indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Categories include: Gym Top Rope Climbing, Climbing Movement, Bouldering, Gym Lead Climbing, Fitness for Climbing, Yoga & Stretching for Climbing, Basic & Intermediate Outdoor Climbing, Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing, Alpine Climbing & Mountaineering, Ice Climbing, Aid Climbing & Big Wall, and Self Rescue.

Whether you want to learn how to rock climb in the gym... learn how to lead-climb… transition from indoor to outdoor climbing… attempt bigger mountains... ice climb this winter... even aid-climb Yosemite lines such as The Nose of El Capitan, or the Regular Route on Half Dome… CTT is here to help your journey.

CTT also helps you connect, learn, and share with the rock climbing community. We encourage healthy dialogue amongst enthusiastic newcomers, professional climbers and experts, seasoned hobbyists, and carefully selected climbing gear companies. Feel free to ask specific rock climbing questions via our main site ( Our accomplished climbing guides, industry experts, and CTT community members will provide feedback. is a knowledge repository and motivational kick-starter, designed to help you elevate your climbing skills. While "light & fast" is a main part of our adventure ethos, we strive for efficient, safe, and fun experiences via knowledge acquisition. Our CTT content and web communities provide technical advice, top-rated gear suggestions, interviews, multi-media stories, and a virtual home for fresh-air adventure.

The genesis of CTT began with the concept of Climbing Mentorship. We were writing down climbing tech tips for friends and family, as they learned to climb in the gym and climb outdoor multi-pitch routes. That effort transcended into the creation of 200+ professional videos, across the spectrum of climbing instruction. Hopefully you too find mentorship via our original video collection, our written explanations, and our online community.

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CTT videos feature professional rock climbing guides and mountain guides, with decades of experience. These are leading experts who guide climbers in top US locations such as Yosemite National Park, the Eastern Sierra, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Rainier, and internationally. We are proud of the talent and diversity showcased across our hundreds of instructional videos. The written content for each tech tip was also created and/or edited by CTT guides who have AMGA, IFMGA, and PCGI credentials.

  • Gym Top Rope Climbing

    7 videos

    This ClimbingTechTips video series teaches straightforward steps for Gym Top Rope Climbing. A climber's first roped experience typically occurs via Top Roping, often in a gym setting. Even the best climbers in the world usually started with Top Roping.

    Gym Top Rope Climbing is an approachabl...

  • Climbing Movement

    23 videos

    Typically, the biggest difference between beginner climbers and advanced crushers is their understanding of Climbing Movement.

    This ClimbingTechTips video series depicts the physical factors and biomechanics of Climbing Movement. This includes hands, feet, body posturing, and other considerati...

  • Bouldering
    11 videos


    11 videos

    Our Bouldering series offers a combination of CTT videos for both indoor and outdoor bouldering. Let's crush!

    Bouldering is one of the purest forms of climbing. It is also a great starting point. No ropes. No waiting for a belay. Just climbing shoes, climbing chalk, and a crash pad. The focus...

  • Fitness for Climbing

    11 videos

    Welcome to CTT's Fitness for Climbing series. Fitness for Climbing augments and balances the physical nature of climbing. These videos are intended to increase climbing strength, improve targeted areas, and prevent overtraining injuries. These exercises are used for both indoor and outdoor climbi...

  • Yoga & Stretching for Climbing

    15 videos

    Welcome to CTT's Yoga & Stretching for Climbing series. Yoga & Stretching for Climbing are ideal for opening sections of the body, becoming limber, and preventing injury. Here we provide postures to help with specific climbing movements. We also showcase general conditioning routines, plus climbi...

  • Gym Lead Climbing

    13 videos

    The Gym Lead Climbing video series teaches how to advance into the next stage of roped climbing, beyond top roping. Lead climbing involves clipping into quickdraws and anchors, as well as the excitement of climbing above your protection pieces. Here you will learn techniques for proper lead climb...

  • Basic & Intermediate Outdoor Climbing

    16 videos

    The Basic & Intermediate Outdoor Climbing series focuses on gear and technique considerations for a day of outdoor climbing. CTT Videos include basic anchors for top roping, different types of outdoor belaying, and how to rappel.

    This series also revisits key considerations such as tying into...

  • Sport Climbing

    11 videos

    Welcome to the ClimbingTechTips Sport Climbing video series.

    Sport climbing is arguably more approachable than traditional climbing because it does not require the time and technical proficiency of placing gear (cams, stoppers, etc.) while on lead: just clip the bolt and climb on! As such, it ...

  • Traditional Climbing

    22 videos

    Our Traditional Climbing series showcases "trad" skills such as the use of camming devices for protection, building traditional anchors, and crack climbing.

    By now, you should have watched our Sport Climbing series, plus our requisite Basic Anchor Building, Belaying, and Rappelling videos.


  • Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing

    17 videos

    Our Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing video series helps prepare you for bigger days, longer routes, multiple pitches, and committing adventure climbs.

    Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing is considered an advanced discipline of rock climbing. Before viewing this series, be sure you have the skills dialed from ...

  • Aid Climbing & Big Walls

    24 videos

    Welcome to CTT's Aid Climbing & Big Wall series. In this series we learn how Aid Climbers ascend seemingly blank oceans of rock, and impossibly steep or imposing walls.

    Aid Climbing is an advanced discipline of climbing. Before viewing this series, you should have already worked through all o...

  • Alpine & Mountaineering

    31 videos

    Steeped in history, the concept of Alpine Climbing & Mountaineering conjures visions of big peaks with grand adventures. This category also factors in the harsh realities of long slogs and cold temps!

    Several generations of climbers began with Alpinism and Mountaineering. Extended hikes in the...

  • Ice Climbing

    17 videos

    Welcome to the CTT Ice Climbing video series. Here we cover critical skills for climbing frozen waterfalls, ascending mixed ice & rock terrain, and becoming a well-rounded alpinist.

    Ice climbing is considered is an advanced climbing discipline. Before viewing this series, you work through our...

  • Self Rescue

    2 videos

    This category offers important skills, such as multiple ways to escape the belay for emergencies.

    While this category is listed as advanced, please note that several other CTT video series are also considered advanced. Examples include Traditional Climbing, Ice Climbing, and Aid Climbing.