Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Aid Climbing: 1. General Aid Gear

Aid Climbing & Big Walls • 4m 19s

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  • Aid Climbing: 2. Additional Aid Gear

    In this video we look at more of the gear involved in aid climbing.

    Personal Kit: Tape, small knife, chap stick, topo of the route, and other smaller items

    Hooks - Advanced aid gear used for climbing face features, thin cracks, or some roofs. These include traditional hooks, cam hooks, and...

  • Aid Climbing: 3. Basic Aid Techniques

    In this video we review basic techniques used in aid climbing.

    Begin by putting on your harness and double checking your system before leaving the ground using the acronym, “BARK” which stands for:


    Attach both daisy chains to either the belay loop or tie in ...

  • Aid Climbing: 4. Bounce Testing

    In this video we explore the bounce test. Bounce testing is key to building a sequence of solid gear placements. After you've placed your piece, you’ll want to perform the bounce test to make sure the piece is solid, before moving completely onto that piece.

    1. Clip your aider (daisy chain and...