Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Aid Climbing: 4. Bounce Testing

Aid Climbing & Big Walls • 2m 33s

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  • Aid Climbing: 5. Cam Hooks

    In this video we examine the various cam hooks used in aid climbing. Cam hooks are an invaluable tool when aid climbing: they can save time, and when used correctly they are quite “bomber” (or solid) compared to other forms of hooking.

    Cam hooks can be used in pin scars created by lost arrow p...

  • Aid Climbing: 6. Jumaring Basics

    In this video we examine the basics of jumaring. Jumaring, or “jugging”, is a means of ascending a fixed rope, which in aid climbing is done to either clean a pitch or simply ascend to a previous established highpoint.

    First, adjust the length of your daisy chain to match your arm’s reach on y...

  • Aid Climbing: 7. Jumaring Over Edges ...

    While jugging a pitch, you will likely encounter numerous obstacles. Roofs and protruding edges are examples.

    When jugging through a roof, it’s important to place your jugs just past or just before the edge—as opposed to stopping directly on it.

    Step 1: Approach the edge and stop just short...