Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Aid Climbing: 5. Cam Hooks

Aid Climbing & Big Walls • 1m 17s

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  • Aid Climbing: 6. Jumaring Basics

    In this video we examine the basics of jumaring. Jumaring, or “jugging”, is a means of ascending a fixed rope, which in aid climbing is done to either clean a pitch or simply ascend to a previous established highpoint.

    First, adjust the length of your daisy chain to match your arm’s reach on y...

  • Aid Climbing: 7. Jumaring Over Edges ...

    While jugging a pitch, you will likely encounter numerous obstacles. Roofs and protruding edges are examples.

    When jugging through a roof, it’s important to place your jugs just past or just before the edge—as opposed to stopping directly on it.

    Step 1: Approach the edge and stop just short...

  • Aid Climbing: 8. Jumaring Texas Style

    In this video we look at another jumaring technique known as the Texas style (aka frog or double leg style). Texas style jumaring is a useful technique for ascending a free hanging line because it allows the climber to get all their power into the lower jumar, in order to slide the upper jumar.