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Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

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Ice Climbing: 10. Hooking With Your Ice Tools

Ice Climbing • 39s

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  • Ice Climbing: 11. Falling Considerations

    In this video we talk about the risk of a leader fall—which is particularly dangerous on ice. Falling with so many sharp items is a bad idea. This is why it is important to top rope a lot, in order to build technical skills well above the level at which you lead ice.

    1. Keep your feet away fro...

  • Ice Climbing: 12. Hooking the Lead Ro...

    DANGER! This is an advanced technique that is hotly debated among strong ice climbers, and is NOT relevant to someone watching ClimbingTechTips to learn about ice climbing. It is in no way backed up by standard industry practices, and is certainly not recommended by gear manufacturers who make mo...

  • Ice Climbing: 13. Placing Ice Screws

    In this video we look at how to place ice screws. Ice screws offer protection for the lead climber in the event of a fall, the same way cams and stoppers do in rock climbing. Below are the steps for placing ice screws:

    Step 1: Turn one foot sideways if possible to help create a more comfortabl...