Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

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Ice Climbing: 3. Alternate vs. Horizontal Placements

Ice Climbing • 1m 27s

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    In this video we discuss the wisdom of wearing eye protection when ice climbing.

    Ice is a brittle substance. It will fracture and shatter with nearly every swing of your tool. Imagine rock climbing where little shards of rock splinter off every time you grab a hold.

    It’s important to wear ...

  • Ice Climbing: 5. Wearing & Adjusting ...

    In this video we look at how to adjust crampons for ice climbing.

    When putting on crampons:

    1. Have a seat, put up your foot, and make sure the front welt of your boot is free of any snow. Check that you have the right crampon for the right foot.

    2. Adjust the frame size of the crampon...

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    In this video we look at two major types of ice climbing crampon styles: mono-point and dual-point.

    Mono-point crampons - These have a single point at the front of of the crampon. These require less effort to get the placement deeper in the ice, since there is only one point to be pushed into ...