Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

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Ice Climbing: 6. Mono-Point Crampons vs. Dual-Point Crampons

Ice Climbing • 1m 10s

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  • Ice Climbing: 7. Protecting the Rope

    In this video we discuss the importance of protecting the rope while ice climbing.

    When ice climbing we use several sharp tools, and one soft one: our rope.

    One simple technique is to swing the ice tool off to the side, or move the rope aside with your hand before you swing or kick.


  • Ice Climbing: 8. Quick Foot Techniques

    Ice climbing can be strenuous. Like in rock climbing, the more we can rely on our feet, the better. In this video, we look at ways to improve footwork techniques on the ice.

    1. Setup a top rope on a low angle climb.

    2. Ditch the ice tools, and practice climbing (while on top rope) using on...

  • Ice Climbing: 9. Climbing Over Bulges...

    In this video we look at the technique to climb over bulges in the ice. Climbing over bulges, also known as mantling, can become unnecessarily challenging without proper technique, resulting in what some refer to as the “fish flop.”

    1. Do not reach your ice tools too far over the bulge. You wi...