Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Gym Lead Climbing: 1. Top Roping vs. Lead Climbing

Gym Lead Climbing • 1m 13s

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  • Gym Lead Climbing: 2. How to Clip

    Proper technique for how to clip into a quickdraw while gym lead climbing:

    1. Know which way the carabiner gate is facing (left or right) on the quickdraw you’re approaching. In this instance assume the gate faces right.

    2. Reach down with your right hand to the knot (where you’re tied in) ...

  • Gym Lead Climbing: 3. When to Clip

    This video shows considerations for when to clip the lead rope into fixed protection, such as a pre-hung quickdraw.

    Below are the three main considerations of determining when to clip, while on lead:

    1. Where you are clipping in relation to your body.

    2. Clipping above your head, versus ...

  • Gym Lead Climbing: 4. Avoid Back-Clip...

    In this gym lead climbing video, we review the importance of avoiding “back-clipping”.

    As part of proper rope clipping technique, the lead climber’s end of the rope is always clipped away from the wall, while the belayer’s end of the rope is on the inside of the wall. This offers the leader a ...