Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

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Gym Lead Climbing: 8. Danger Zones

Gym Lead Climbing • 1m 47s

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  • Gym Lead Climbing: 9. Lead Falling

    Falling while on lead happens, and it’s okay! It means you are pushing yourself, and learning.

    Here are a few considerations when falling while on lead:

    1. Be aware of your last draw. This determines direction of swing, and how far your fall will take you.

    2. Know where the rope is, in c...

  • Gym Lead Climbing: 10. Lead Belaying

    Lead belaying is an advanced skill, requiring the belayer on the ground to be very in tune with the climber as they lead up the wall.

    Proper lead belaying considerations:

    1. The lead belayer is typically responsible for rope management. This means flaking the rope into a proper stack, in th...

  • Gym Lead Climbing: 11. Lead Belay Sta...

    In our other Lead Belaying videos, we mentioned that an ideal belay stance helps position the belayer as close to underneath the first draw as possible (while trying to minimize potential of the lead climber crashing into the belayer, if the leader were to fall).

    There are two main safety reas...