Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Gym Lead Climbing: 10. Lead Belaying

Gym Lead Climbing • 2m 18s

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    In our other Lead Belaying videos, we mentioned that an ideal belay stance helps position the belayer as close to underneath the first draw as possible (while trying to minimize potential of the lead climber crashing into the belayer, if the leader were to fall).

    There are two main safety reas...

  • Gym Lead Climbing: 12. Soft Catches

    The “soft catch”, also know as a dynamic belay, is considered an advanced technique. In theory, this reduces the impact of a climber when they fall a distance.

    The first way to give a soft catch is by carefully letting out a very short amount of rope as the belayer engages the belay device, t...

  • Gym Lead Climbing: 13. Stacking the Rope

    As the lead climber prepares for the climb, the lead belayer should prepare by “flaking” the rope. This is also known as “stacking the rope”.

    Flaking (i.e. to flake) the rope involves starting with one end of the rope and forming a coil on the ground, threading the rope through your hands to f...