Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Sport Climbing: 2. Clipping Considerations for the Leader

Sport Climbing • 4m 13s

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    In this video we review quickdraw considerations for the leader while sport climbing.

    - Carry enough draws for the route plus two extra “oh crap” draws AND extras for the anchor if needed. Typically ten to twelve draws are plenty, plus any gear needed to rappel, lower, clean, or top rope the ...

  • Sport Climbing: 4. Crimping Techniques

    In this video we review proper crimping techniques used while sport climbing. As you progress in sport climbing, certain routes will require you to use impossibly small holds. Proper crimping technique is vital to sending your sport climbing project—and to keep your tendons from exploding!


  • Sport Climbing: 5. Dynamic Movement

    In this video we review dynamic movement. Dynamic movement, in contrast to static movement, is a very gymnastic way of climbing. It includes the flashy move known as the “dyno”—an explosive way to gain upward movement.

    It is often wise to move statically and methodically up the wall, staying ...