Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Multi-Pitch Trad: 1. Understanding & Using a Reverso

Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing • 1m 57s

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  • Multi-Pitch Trad: 2. Belay Transitions

    In this video we look at belay transitions during multi-pitch climbing. You’ll notice the theme throughout these considerations is efficiency. Time management in multi-pitch climbing is crucial when trying to make the most of daylight hours. Below are a few tips to consider for belay transitions:...

  • Multi-Pitch Trad: 3. Gear Considerations

    In this video we look at the gear we often take on multi-pitch, traditional route. Every climb is unique and may require more or less gear depending on the weather, number of pitches, and length of the approach hike. Below is an example checklist for a 3-pitch route in the Sierra Nevada, expectin...

  • Multi-Pitch Trad: 4. Gear Logistics

    First, decide with your climbing partner how you will lead and follow the route. There are two main strategies:

    Swinging leads - This method entails each climber alternating leads and belays on each pitch throughout the climb.

    Leading in blocks - This method entails one climber leading each...