Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

Bouldering: 7. The Importance of Warming Up

Bouldering • 47s

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  • Bouldering: 8. The Importance of Sand...

    Some climbers believe that sanding your fingers is important when climbing sharp or rough rock surfaces (i.e. granite, sandstone), where your fingers might develop burrs from climbing.

    Tip: Use a file, to sand off the burrs until the skin is smooth again. This helps increase positive traction ...

  • Bouldering: 9. Taping to Prevent Injury

    In this video we review taping to compensate for climbing injury, or to prevent climbing injuries.

    First, it’s important to consider forearm anatomy. The tendons that flex our fingers start from the tips of our fingers and extend all the way to the inside of our elbow. They are held down along...

  • Bouldering: 10. Resting Between Attempts

    Boulder problems are relatively short, but they are intense, with powerful moves. They require a lot of energy per attempt.

    Resting between attempts when bouldering is important, in order to prevent overuse injury. If you keep firing to the same crimp, and almost hitting the move, your tendons...