Alpine & Mountaineering

Alpine & Mountaineering

Steeped in history, the concept of Alpine Climbing & Mountaineering conjures visions of big peaks with grand adventures. This category also factors in the harsh realities of long slogs and cold temps!

Several generations of climbers began with Alpinism and Mountaineering. Extended hikes in the mountains turned into technical outings and thus Alpine Climbing was born.

In this series we cover an assortment of mountain skills required for surviving high-altitude weather and navigating technical terrain. We suggest you become well-versed in our Basic & Intermediate Outdoor Climbing video series, as well as our Ice Climbing and Traditional Climbing videos.

Let’s get started! Our Alpine & Mountaineering Climbing video series is below. Be careful, and have fun!

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Please remember, climbing is inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk.

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Alpine & Mountaineering
  • Alpine: 25. Ascending Fixed Lines

    In this video we look at how to ascend fixed lines. Sometimes, ascending steep snow via fixed lines is an efficient and safe method of travel.

    This technique is used in many disciplines, across the spectrum of alpinism and mountaineering, as well as in rock climbing on big walls.

    There ar...

  • Alpine: 26. Team Rope and Travel Considerations

    In this video we consider multiple rope travel scenarios in the mountains. There are several things to think about when making the decision to rope up.

    If the terrain is not glaciated, then there are times when many alpine climbers will move without a rope.

    A rope can add security on mode...

  • Alpine: 27. The Kiwi Coil

    The kiwi coil allows you to adjust the amount of rope between you and your partner.

    Many beginner or novice alpine climbers make the mistake of traveling with too much rope out. This mistake can cost you considerable time managing ropes, as well as decreased communication. The other negative a...

  • Alpine: 28. Rappelling with Crampons & Ice Tools

    In this video we discuss rappelling with crampons and ice tools.

    - When rappelling with crampons and ice tools, make sure your feet are out in front of you and your ice tools are out of the way to avoid getting tangled with the rope.

    - Try to make precise and deliberate steps to avoid the ...

  • Alpine: 29. Light & Fast Gear Considerations

    In this video we sort through our light and fast gear for alpine climbs and mountaineering. The theme throughout our alpine segment has been speed and safety, through being light and fast.

    Below are examples of gear you may consider (depending on the objective) that are both light and fast as...

  • Alpine: 30. Transitions

    Here we discuss transitions between snow, ice, and rock in the mountain environment. Part of the fun in alpine climbing is the varying medium upon which climbers travel.

    Snow, ice, rock, neve, and other big mountain features often provide major logistical challenges. Interestingly, they can a...

  • Alpine: 31. Travel Methods

    Here we discuss travel methods for alpine climbing and mountaineering.

    Across the arenas of alpinism and mountaineering, there are several travel methods which include:

    Boot Pack
    Splitboards or Snowboards

    The decision of how to travel in the mountains is mostl...