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Watch this video and more on Climbing Tech Tips

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Alpine: 6. Snow Travel Considerations

Alpine & Mountaineering • 2m 49s

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  • Alpine: 7. Efficient Snow Travel

    When getting into mountaineering, it is worth it to invest time in learning and practicing the most efficient stepping techniques. Mountains can be huge, and involve lots of steps. The more efficient you are with each one, the further you will be able to climb.

    As the saying goes: how do you e...

  • Alpine: 8. Changing Directions in Snow

    Let’s look at how to change directions when climbing steep snow slopes. When switchbacking up a steep snow slope, you will obviously have to change directions—multiple times!

    Here are the steps for changing direction, while maintaining a self belay with the ice axe for security:

    Step 1: Ta...

  • Alpine: 9. Crampon Anti-Balling Plates

    In this video we discuss crampon anti-balling plates. Snow can stick to the bottom of your crampons, especially in wet snow conditions. After a few steps, you’ll feel like you’re walking on slippery (and heavy) platform shoes, and your sharp points will be useless.

    One solution that manufactur...